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The Outlaws Band and The Legend of Hughie Thomasson

If you are looking for information on the rock and roll band “the Outlaws”, we regret to inform you that Hughie Thomasson sadly passed away in 2007.

Hughie founded the Outlaws and held the band together from 1967-1995. After a stint playing lead guitar for Lynyrd Skynyrd, he resurrected the band in 2005.

The story of the Outlaws is the legacy of Hughie Thomasson. He was the heart of the band. He wrote, sang lead, and played lead guitar on all of their most popular songs, including their flagship song:

“Green Grass and High Tides”

To honor his legacy, we are proud to announce that previously unreleased recordings are going to be made available to the public through this website and other retailers. Hughie’s legend will always live on.

Full Circles Never End

34 thoughts on “The Outlaws Home

  1. Always have loved the “Florida Guitar Army” The Outlaws since 1975 when my friend Jimmy played their first album, shows in Central Park – Madison Square Garden – to the Meadowland Stadium, Capitol Theater New Jersey, The Bottom Line” in Manhattan, The Medina Ballroom in Minnesota to the reunion tour in 2005 in St Pete Florida. And many other venues. Always enjoyed the beginning of their shows when they would come on stage to the “Lone Ranger” theme song Rock and Roll Hall of Fame needs to wake up and put the guitar army in!

  2. The Outlaws are one of the greatest bands ever, and Hughie Thomasson was incredible. I had the extreme pleasure of seeing them in concert at The Nassau Coliseum on Long Island in February, 1979. Molly Hatchet opened for The Outlaws. It was my first concert, and I’ll never forget it. I still have the ticket stub. After the show, we stepped outside to a blizzard, and a foot of snow. Terrific evening.Excellent show.

    Long Island has changed since then — there ain’t a heck of a lot of southern rock fans there any longer — but, every time I’m feeling down, I put on The Outlaws, and they immediately cheer me up. I don’t know why it’s true, but I swear it is. No other band has that effect on me. The Outlaws will always be one of my favorite bands until the day I die. “Song For You” totally cranks. Hughie rules.

  3. Hi, I’m the PD and host of Time Warp Radio on KDHX 88.1
    50,000 watt commercial free in St. Louis. I would love to play and promote the demo’s and live shows from the Outlaws. I’ve always been a fan. Let me know if you can provide the discs or downloads. Thanks, Mark

  4. Miss the days when Hughie would ride into Pittsburgh, Pa., and light this town up. He still has a lot of fans the ” Love the live at the Stanley Theatre 1977″ CD. Thanks.

    • Remembering a show in Pittsburgh around that time, when the guys all lined up across the front of the stage to play ” Green grass and high tides” Still one of my favorite jams.

  5. I normally listen to jazz but I like some of the songs by this great band the Outlaws. I did not know of Mr. Thomasson’s passing until now. May the music live forever. Thank you.

  6. I have to say that “Cant stop loving you” is most likely one of the best country songs ever written, and Hughie left us with great enduring music; from the first outlaws album through the last album, each has something special that is unique to that album. I will always remember something that words cannot convey, when I hear the whistle blow and the sound of the outlaws takes me away! That cold and lonesome feeling gotta go!

  7. and so sad to learn of Hughie’s untimely passing. There were other bands I followed in the day; Skynrd and 38-Special, but none and I mean none, compared to the Florida Guitar Army. The Outlaws put a smile on my face and sent chills down my spine and STILL does to this day. Being a guitar player for years, I would love to know how and where Hughie developed his chops. Phenomenal guitarist and song-writer. I miss him dearly! RIP Mr. Thomasson!

  8. I saw Hughie @ a show in Deansboro, NY when he was playing with Skynyrd. He put on one heck of a show before they ended the night. The energy I got from Hughie’s playing is hard to describe, it felt like he knew what I was feeling. I know it’s impossible for someone like him to even see or feel the presece of a single person out of hundreds in a crowd in a concert.

  9. Saw the Hughie and the Outlaws several times, but my favorite show was late 80s/early 90s in Victorville, Ca in an intimate little club. The band was so tight and Hughie blew my mind. He was a natural.

  10. Saw Hughie a couple times playing with Skynard. Was awesome. Got to see him with the Outlaws at Moondance Jam in Walker, Mn a few years back. Floridas guitar army was in full force that day.

  11. We’ve all experienced things in life that are REAL and have strongly impacted our lives in one way or another. By REAL I mean things that you can hang your hat on, that are tangible and have touched your soul and have left a lasting impression. Falling in love, the birth of a child, a relationship with God, these things are all very REAL. When a friend of mine introduced me to Hughie Thomasson and the Outlaws in 1976, I knew right away that I had found some music that was very REAL. The songwriting was down to earth with no pretense. The beautiful vocal harmonies felt like the warm glow of sunshine warming my face on a sunny afternoon. And the driving, often playful lead guitar work was so tightly interwoven throughout the music. It just blew me away! I was 15 years old then and I was hooked! As the years passed and I grew older, I was happy to take the Outlaws along with me. The songs, the concerts, the memories they are very REAL to me and have become an important part of me. With all the COUNTERFEIT in the world today, I am glad to have experienced the REAL thing! God bless you Hughie and the Outlaws for your passion for life that is reflected in your music that will never pass away. You’ve touched so many people’s lives and made them better in ways that you’ll never know….THANK YOU.

  12. up north in the french province of Qu├ębec,Canada;I am your number 1 fan,long live to the music of the Outlaws,love the Outlaws,R.I.P. Hughie.

  13. I saw the Outlaws in St.Louis, Mo. and it was the best concert I have ever been to….they have always been my favorite band. No one even compares to Hughie on guittar!

  14. Really wish Hughies last songs would get released. This town
    and full circle were so good. You know the rest had to be fantastic. Grew up in st Pete, so I got to hear the boys a lot. Now obviously that doesn’t seem to have been enough. Great band, great people. bc

  15. The original band so deserves its place in the Hall……Clive Davis the unique talent scout he was, it responsible for The Outlaws getting heard way back in the mid-seventies, outside of the Tamps Fl. area……please sign the petition online to get them inducted, and recognized for their special place in the Rock world……They produced timeless music on the level of the Allman Bros. Huey’s early on stage presence was the coolest of any guitarist…….ever.

  16. I grew up in Chicago in the 70′s, & saw the Outlaws many times. Also seen them in Wisconsin at Alpine Vally. …A awesome BAND that always put on incredible shows !! ( If someone told me they saw them & they SUCKED I could never believe it. ). …I still have most ALL their vinyl also. When I listen to them they take me to a special place. Their music shall always remain !! …Strange how back then they were LOVED all over the States, not just the SOUTH. …That’s because they “ROCKED” !! …And still do, in my HEART, always !! …GOD BLESS the OUTLAWS, & Hughie. :)

  17. Hughie was the main man for the Outlaws. I miss his guitar licks somethin awful picked up It’s About Pride & it almost feels like his ghost is playing on it. I believe The New Outlaws did this album in honor of him. Great music Song For You was one of my favorites & You Are The Show also.

    • I was a freshman at college in New Wilmington, PA when I went out for a ride with some upper class men. We were having the usually fun college kids in the seventies would get into and after about 5 minutes of listening to GGHT for the first time I said “OMG, what the hell is this”! Some 40 years later I am still as hooked on the Outlaws as ever. I saw them back in my college days a couple of times including one time when they came to our college and it was the event of the year (if not all 4.5 years I was there :-) . Then again at Mehegun Sun around 2005 when they first regrouped. That show was really excellent as it brought the widest range of songs from the early days. Then again with Charlie Daniels and a couple other bands around 2007 where there was a “volunteer jam” on GGHT including a saxophone solo towards the end. Charlie Daniels even changes the words to the song “The South Will Do It Again” to include The Outlaws in the list of southern bands. Lastly, I saw the outlaws about two three weeks ago in Salisbury MA. A fun show. Too bad HP and HT Estate can’t figure things out. It places a negative cloud over what is the only place left to let go and drift to decades ago.

  18. I grew up with the Outlaws and still listen to this day. Years ago when I heard Hughie had died, I was crushed. Many years ago, I remember seeing Hughie on stage taking oxygen in between songs. That really worried me, but he kept up for years after that. We are a few days past Hughie’s passing and I still get chills when I think about him, and the band. Let’s not forget the others who have passed as well. Time to put on some good music.

  19. Saw the band in concert on Feb 4, 1979, University of Oregon, Mac Arthur Court, Eugene, Oregon. Commander Cody opened. We had seats in the “Nosebleed” section but still a great show!

  20. Loved the harmonizing & of guitar riffs this band could do. One of the best concert bands I ever saw, they rank up there with CSN&Y ,Lynard S., ZZ Top, & little Feat. And probably the best. Best 2 to 3 hours I spent at concert in Dayton, Ohio. Bought many of their albums & wore the grooves down pretty much too. Thanks for the memories the 70′s were a great time grow up and enjoy the best of Rock & Roll.

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